We're happy to announce an addition to the 7Sage team: Graeme Blake!

Graeme has over 4 years of experience under his belt.  He scored a 177 on the LSAT and went to law school, for a while, at UT and McGill - they're like the Harvard and Yale of Canada.  We've learned Reading Comprehension techniques from him that we hadn't heard of anywhere else before.

Apart from working with 7Sage, Graeme is the moderator of Reddit's LSAT forum, and is the author of Hacking The LSAT, a book of explanations for LSATs 29-38. He's taught LSAT courses for two major prep companies, and helped many tutoring students get into law school. His latest project is a series of free LSAT explanations.

We want everyone at 7Sage to keep in touch with what LSAT students are going through, so Graeme will still be tutoring. If for nothing else, we recommend at least an hour of tutoring with Graeme for the Reading Comp advice alone.  He's pretty awesome.

Send us an email to set up a lesson!

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