Hunter College 2013, Political Science

What's your favorite whale?
Killer Whales. Because they look like pandas. Sperm whales freaked me out since Pinocchio.

Tell me something you did that you're proud of.
I'm proud of being able to fight my inner demons everyday and prove to myself that I am good enough.

What cause or issue are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about anything that has to do with children's rights. Tainted innocence due to injustice disgusts me.

Who or what motivates you? Where do you get it from?
I'm not quite sure what motivates me. Maybe it's being a Muslim, maybe being a woman. It's very possible though that it is just ordinary human compassion and my inability to ignore those in pain.

What was the hardest thing you've ever done?
This one is a little too personal :-)

What song are you embarrassed to have on your iPod?
I tend to embrace my terrible taste in music and I don't own a music player. However, if I did, it would probably be the Hoedown Throwdown by Hannah Montana

Who do you want to help with your law degree?
Harvey Specter

If you were a Jedi, which one would you be?
Jedi's don't exist, so I would be Harry Potter.

What's your talent?
Being able to sing any song, no matter how simple and NOT have anyone recognize it.

What were you in your past life?
Elizabeth Bennet or Johnny Depp.

If you could dream an animal into existence to keep as a pet, what would it be?
A Cheetwolf - Cheetah/Wolf. Large enough for me to ride, tame enough to play with, and small enough to fit into my pocket.

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