About 7Sage Hiring

We're looking to hire educators with a talent for teaching. In our minds, that means someone who can take a complex, difficult concept and break it down in clear, simple language. We want to work with you to create the finest legal educational content on the market.

Open Positions

Visualizer for Legal Education Videos (Part-Time, Remote)

Job Description

We are looking for someone with a J.D. who has a passion for legal education, a talent for bringing legal concepts to life, and an interest in video technology and editing.

We are currently turning audio lectures into fully produced motion graphic videos. The person(s) in this position will write “shot lists” -- a set of instructions to our motion graphics designers on how to produce the videos. They will also visualize audio clips of legal lessons by creating storyboards.

No experience with graphic design or video-production software is necessary to apply (though, of course, that’s a plus). We’ll teach you everything you need to learn.

Pay is $25 per hour. Time commitment is flexible.

How to apply

Send your resume and cover letter that describes any relevant background to ryan@7sage.com.