We're happy to announce that we are adding more content to our LSAT Complete and LSAT Premium courses! Now, you will be able to download problems sets (as PDFs) straight from the course. These problem sets draw questions from LSAT PrepTests 20-35 (October 1996-October 2001). We've resorted and reorganized them according to category and type to help you recognize the patterns that recur across LSAT questions. That's key to getting a higher score!

If you're not enrolled in our course yet, do it now! You've got 3 months to study for the October LSAT so the timing is just right to use our 3 months day by day study schedule!

We limited ourselves to pulling questions from LSAT PrepTests 35-20 because we don't want to ruin the newer LSATs for you. Our online course makes you take timed LSAT PrepTests over and over again because that's the only way to improve your score. As a part of the course, LSAT PrepTests from 36-65 are saved for you to download, print, take as timed LSATs, and review. For PrepTest 36-65, we record videos explaining the questions individually.

The problem sets are arranged accordingly:
Each Logical Reasoning problem set contains 10 logical reasoning questions, sorted by type.
Each Logic Games problem set contains 4 logic games, sorted by type.
Each Reading Comprehension problem set contains 4 reading comprehension passages, sorted by type.

We've completed problem sets for 3 types of LSAT questions and will be releasing a tons more in the coming days!

7Sagers - you can access the Parallel Method of Reasoning problem sets, the Flawed Method of Reasoning problem sets, and the Sequencing Games with a Twist problem sets right now.

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