You all asked for it, and now they're finally here!  Huzzah!

Take LSAT notes, logic notes, lesson notes, love notes, really any type of note that starts with "L"! You might be able to take notes that start with other letters too.  We haven't tested that yet. You can access the notes editor by clicking on the "Take Notes" button at the bottom of each lesson.  You can also see all the notes you have written by going to Course --> Notes in the menu. There's more!

You can also star lessons for later.  Just like the stars you got in primary school... but better because we got rid of the lame silver star and added a RED star.  Just click on the empty star icon next to a lesson title to change it to a yellow star, click again to change it to a red star, and click once more to return to an empty star and star the cycle all over again. Haha, I make pun.

We also made many tiny little tweaks and adjustments to improve your learning experience - too many to remember and list here.  If you notice a change, post a comment!  Every change you spot earns you +1 virtual LSAT point.  Get +10 virtual LSAT points for figuring out the exchange rate of virtual LSAT points to real LSAT points. ;)

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