In the next few posts, we will introduce different kinds of graphs. These graphs allow you to visually represent data in ways that emphasize different aspects of the data. In preparation, let's look at some data represented with different graphs:

Tables of Lemonades Sold

Date Sold
7/2/19 1
7/3/19 2
7/4/19 5
7/5/19 2
7/6/19 3
7/7/19 2
7/8/19 5
7/9/19 4
7/10/19 3
7/11/19 3

Bar graph of lemonades sold on a given day:

Circle graph of lemonades sold:

Box plot of lemonades sold:


Scatterplot of lemonades sold each day:

In subsequent posts, we will talk more about how to read each of these graphs.

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