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So then necessary conditions are AFTER the indicator?

Also, is the order always supposed to be: sufficient → necessary ?

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nooo i thought it was a circular reasoning flaw which is why i chose B. Can someone please explain why this ISN'T a circular reasoning flaw? #help

Same here, it was confusing because B placed radicals in an overly positive light that seemed out of touch with the author's attitude toward radicals. Cause the author's attitude seemed like he/she hated radicals but viewed them as necessary. However, answer choice B as 100% positive/supportive of radicals. -- I don't understand...

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For question 3, my understanding was that "Some people say" introduces context, not a conclusion. How come it is not introducing context in this case, but the conclusion?

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I don't understand what differentiates group 1 from 2. I see the differences between necessary and sufficient, but I don't understand why it changes which of the two concepts goes first and last.

I guess what I'm saying is that both ask→/G and /G→ask make sense to me. If he's not guilty he will ask, seems just as logical as if he asks he's not guilty. I just don't see how that distinction is made and to the extent that it is, it seems like a distinction without a difference. tell me where I am wrong.

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imtryingmybest 19 hours ago
on Chain

So if there is a negation in the middle of the logical chain, would i just negate all other factors in the chain??

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Is the assumption a part of the premise or is it completely separate? I'm confused as to where it would be in the 'stimulus'?

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I saw this as a Uses terms unclearly/equivocation. The author uses self-interested to mean both self-esteem and altruism. Is this right? #help

I find that the flaw questions are more concerned with a conceptual understanding of what is wrong more than a textual explanation. Answer choice C is more concerned with context and Answer choice D is more about the concept.

Not sure if this was already obvious to you guys but I keep tripping up by choosing the contextual answer.


When he says to recall the drill on sufficient/necessary failed/satisfied... I looked at my notes and when the necessary fails, isn't the rule triggered, and the sufficient must fail as well? How does this apply in the case of not both?

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I decided on A because in the premise it states “cause most people to have an increase” which to me implies some people would not have an increase. Is this flawed reasoning?

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#help I did the same thing. I believe it is still right, but I guess the translation of irrational could be "not rational" therefore giving it a slash then you would negate the slash

Will there be case where multiple groups are used in one sentence? For example group 1 and group 4 being used in a sentence. #help

Question on the explanation of B, JY writes U → /C and then /U → C. Looking at the "never" word, isnt this a group 4 logical indicator? so shouldnt it be C → /U? He just negated but never flipped.

Also, isn't /U --> C saying "if things are equal then humans are content" the same thing as answer C?


What threw me off for answer C is that the stim says that "for any social system...". So, when C made a distinction between certain systems (I.e., susceptible to change or not), I concluded that they would still be affected by LST.

Then, for answer D, if a society is tech advanced, that means the values of the social system were undermined, meaning little value is placed on the economic roles.

After watching the video and reading some comments, I'm still not exactly sure where I am wrong in my reasoning...anyone have any advice?

does anyone know the target time for this question? i was able to get this one right, but it definitely took me about 3 minutes.


I was stuck between B and C and your explanation is exactly why I chose B over C. #help

#help Emphasis on this question, as I did the same

Q3: If you contrapose you get /J-->/U. We are given /U, so why can't you therefore conclude (denying the necessary), /J? What am I missing?

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For question #23, doesn't answer (A) work as well? Couldn't it be possible for G to be in slot 5 if P,H,N/S are in slot 4? Can someone please explain :)

stims like this are so silly to me. How can I assume what someone might feel. Just because she was fond of him, she would give her grandson w e he desires?

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how was i suppose to know the 'intended ' was a assumption ---

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why isn't l -> r a biconditional? same for k-> p

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#help I have the same problem, it appears "only" used in group 2 for this quiz but on the last quiz it was used as a group 1 indicator

His pre-response to the C objection doesn't make sense to me. Why would we assume his enemies writing the histories would have more access to the information than the actual emporer? My immediate response when I read AC C was "well yeah, Caligua was probably inspired by these other tyrants."

Meanwhile, AC A suggests to me that there might be fewer histories because some were destroyed/hidden, like by the enemies that dominated the story after him. Still have to make an assumption, but I think less of one than C

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I always end up getting it after he provides another way to draw out the question. I have to ask however is the entire point of repeating the same set of games to become familiar with the inferences/board etc? If so how do you prevent your brain's muscle memory from just acting on knowing the answers?#help#help

#help I am confused about the difference between premise and context. I understand that the premise supports the conclusion and that the context is background information. But does the context help support the conclusion? Or is the context extra background information that does not support the conclusion?

#help Since "When" and "Where" are group 2 translations:

3. "When" introduces a necessary condition to follow (things cost more).
Shouldn't it look like this first?
BU less →C more and the contrapositive C moreBU less

4. "Where" introduces a necessary condition to follow (IJ)
Shouldn't it look like this first?
GLS→IJ and the contrapositive IJGLS

Why the conclusion is "chemical R is safe for humans " instead of "We cannot conclude from this that chemical R is safe for humans"?#help

#15 I thought E was wrong because "Conventional" is not the exact same thing as "Orthodox". I chose B because I thought pointing out additional considerations such as the possibility of using hierarchies would be including more complexities in the legal analysis? Can someone help me understand more why my reasoning was flawed? Thanks

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Anyone can help with Q24. What leads to green?

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24 minutes, got 1 wrong. Am I still hopeful?

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If stuck between two answer choices, especially if the choices were split near the top and bottom, would it be a bad strategy to pick the one further down since there is a likely chance the higher one could be a trap?

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are you guys still writing down low res summaries during timed practice sets or was it something you do while drilling with no timed constraints ?

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How long should you take to make inferences? Is it better to determine where certain subjects cannot go, or to make numerous potential game boards? I just feel I will spend a lot of time making inferences.

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Why did J.Y not apply the logical indicator of "all" in the conclusion? All is a group 1 logical indicator which introduces the sufficient condition. So, shouldn't orbit the planet Alpha be the sufficient and not necessary condition? #help

#help "If the President endorses this bill, then it will pass.”
Is the contrapositive "if it did not pass, the president did not endorse the bill"? I'm still a little confused about when we use negation vs contrapositive.

I am struggling with the language that leads to QR always being simultaneous. Why can Q and R not be either together or separate given the language used? #help

This may have been asked in the replies/comments, but I thought I would ask anyway so I could get the most recent take. While going through this section on the Core Curriculum, would you suggest following along with a clean, hard copy of the specific game that J.Y. is discussing in each lesson? When it comes to notes and points pertaining to strategy, I have this small Moleskin that I'm specifically using for the Logic Games section of the Core Curriculum, but I'm finding it isn't very useful when it comes to learning the setup on particular games like this because then I have to use a bunch of time writing everything out (everything being the stimulus, conditions, questions; the information that LSAC provides in order to complete the game).

That was more long-winded than I intended this comment to be, lol...But I guess I'm just curious as to what has worked for others? I would also love to hear from 7Sage Student Services, as well, if possible!

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When and is in the necessary condition, why does that mean the two elements are mutually exclusive from one another.

ex: solve higher ed financing if gov tightens regulation and students spot loans

Is this not saying both need to occur in order to solve the issue? Whenever I see "and" I think this is grouping the conditional elements together whereas when I see "or" I understand there are two independent options being presented.


#help . Is there anyway we can change the setup of some of these videos so they don't have a repeated answer choice. This is the third video in a row where it is answer choice A. I don't know if other students feel this way but please let me know if you are having the same worry.

#help is being a jedi the necessary condition or using the force the necessary

#help when taking the exam online are we alotted paper or will we be making notes on the screen?

I agree. I found splitting this very helpful. Also I would automatically inference on test day and make gameboards. Is there something that indicates we do not need a gameboard?#help

#help -- I am currently in the process of foolproofing LGs. In order to consider a game mastered, according to the foolproof method, I must be able to get all questions right within the target time. Yet, the target times JY says in the videos sometimes conflict with those written for each question. If I am aiming for a 172+, which should I follow? Does it matter?

I hope someone can help, this is more of an English question. I got this wrong because I read the first sentence, "SEG must be preceded by TI" to mean, "SEG, before (SEG), is TI" all from the BY. If the sentence was just, "SEG precedes TI" I would have understood. Somehow the by makes me think TI was the thing before the first subject (SEG). Can anyone explain? #help

#help what will happen if this "unless" is replaced by "except"?
is there any difference?


For Question 8,
why is H a necessary condition for M?
I think I am missing the link here...

Was the slide before this the only lesson on strengthening questions? These are all just questions and drilling. #help

What is the difference between the "Question Difficulty" & " Psg/Game/S Difficulty"? #help