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Analysis for circled questions with no change

Didn’t change answer
These questions were circled.  But, you decided to stand by your original answer choice.

If you got the question right, then great. You’re golden. You’ve made sure that it wasn’t because of chance that you got this question right. On top of that, you’ve reinforced your correct reasoning for choosing your answer and for eliminating the wrong ones. That’s reasoning that you will confidently carry forth into other LSAT questions.

If you got the question wrong, then you’re learning. What you’ve figured out is that it wasn’t just a matter of being pressured by time.  Even during Blind Review, with all the time in the world, you still got it wrong. You really don’t understand this question. Questions like these are candidates for skipping during a timed run. But, during review, you should try to understand them.

Action: You will immediately shatter whatever reasoning you used to justify your choice, then

1. Watch the video explanation for this question
2. Talk to other students about it
3. Talk to your instructor about it.
4. Cut this question out and keep it.  Review it every so often.

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