We received a thank you card from Kevin, one of our students studying in Germany. Kevin: you're awesome. We love getting cards in the mail! Probably more than that little boy is loving his ice cream cone. I'll just leave our mailing address here: 7Sage, 424 W. 54th St. New York, NY 10019, in case anyone else wants to send us a card or gold coins.

Kevin's agreed to let us share it with everyone!

Here's the transcribed text:

Dear J.Y. + Alan,

Thank you for the Beta account. You have made something new + wonderful for LSAT prep. I will have to take the LSAT soon before enough people have benefitted from 7Sage and they ruin the curve. I wish you both the best,


He also assured us that the image of Scream (by Munch) is a reference to studying for the LSAT and not us. Hahahaha, thanks Kevin!