February 2017 LSAT - Real/Experimental Sections Keywords

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Please note that the information below will change to reflect the information we get! Contribute if you can via the official February 2017 LSAT discussion (linked at the bottom of this thread) without going into too much detail. If you think something is wrong or should be added, please post in the thread and let me know.

Since it is the Feb. LSAT, please be aware that it is undisclosed and, as a result, I will not be updating this thread until I get multiple confirmations on a question.

Real Sections:


-Gold/Silver Vases/Plates
-12-Week Class Schedule
-Transcribing & Preparing for Interviews
-Different Libraries


-The Bumblebee's "Waggle Dance"
-Hindus and Romans / Patriotism
-Civil Courts / Judges and Juries
-Liberal Environmentalism / Ecology


-Speed Limits for Different Vehicle Types / Vehicle Emissions from 1967-1990 / Smog
-Global Warming/Climate Change
-Charles II
-Meteorite and Nano-Diamonds
-Supernova and a King's Birth
-Ravens/Crows and Worms / Dropping Pebbles in a Tube
-Children Estimating Half-Full Beakers
-Plate Tectonics / Size of Planet
-Skilled Writer Politician Makes a Speech
-Company Criticism / Debt
-Government Sending Letters Across Country / Connecting People
-Middle-Aged Coffee Drinkers / High Blood Pressure

Experimental Sections:


-French/Russian Language



If you can confirm that these are real / experimental, please do so by PMing me or posting in the main thread.

None yet!

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