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Experimental Section for Logical Reasoning??

Hey guys, so i took the Feb LSAT and i had three logical reasoning sections. I'm just wondering if anyone has figured out which one was experimental because i feel like it could really change my score depending on which one it was haha. If anyone knows and can help me figure it out, i'd appreciate it.


  • BenjaminSFBenjaminSF Alum Member Inactive ⭐
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    There are a number of the real LR questions noted on Dillon's post. Here is the link:

    I also copied the real LR currently available over for you for convenience. I did not have LR experimental, and I recognize all of these:

    -Speed Limits for Different Vehicle Types / Vehicle Emissions from 1967-1990 / Smog
    -Global Warming/Climate Change
    -Charles II
    -Meteorite and Nano-Diamonds
    -Supernova and a King's Birth
    -Ravens/Crows and Worms / Dropping Pebbles in a Tube
    -Children Estimating Half-Full Beakers
    -Plate Tectonics / Size of Planet
    -Skilled Writer Politician Makes a Speech
    -Company Criticism / Debt
    -Government Sending Letters Across Country / Connecting People
    -Middle-Aged Coffee Drinkers / High Blood Pressure

    If you have a specific LR question that you can give some general details about, I recall my LR sections well. If I don't recognize it, it probably is the experimental section. Let me know!

  • Artak MamikonyanArtak Mamikonyan Legacy Member
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    @BenjaminSF Yeah, I saw those haha my problem is that I'm blanking as to which section those questions were from so I was wondering if anyone knows. Maybe I should have clarified what i was confused about because even though I saw this list, I can't really remember which section they were from. Based on what I can remember, I think either section 3 or 4 was the experimental for me but i was wondering if anyone who took the same test can confirm that for me since I can't seem to remember which section these questions were from lol. I appreciate it though. What sections were LR for you?

  • BenjaminSFBenjaminSF Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    457 karma

    @"Artak Mamikonyan" If you remember which section had 25 instead of 26 questions, this was the experimental. I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but I thought I'd add it just in case!

    Sections 2 and 5 were LR for me, but I had LG experimental.

  • Artak MamikonyanArtak Mamikonyan Legacy Member
    308 karma

    @BenjaminSF So I was actually trying to pay attention to that during the test but the weird thing is that all 3 of my LR sections were 26 questions, which I thought was weird because that means my test added up to 102 total questions. But yeah, since they all had 26 questions, I'm not sure which one was experimental.

  • BenjaminSFBenjaminSF Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    457 karma

    The test was 102 Q's. You counted right.

  • Artak MamikonyanArtak Mamikonyan Legacy Member
    308 karma

    @BenjaminSF yeah and my experimental was also 26 questions so none of them had 25 questions, which makes it hard to figure out which one the experimental was.

  • BenjaminSFBenjaminSF Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    457 karma

    Ah okay, I heard from someone else that their exp. LR was 25. Sorry!

  • plmarsh5plmarsh5 Member
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    I also had 3 LR sections...they were the first, third, and fourth sections. I think the third was my experimental. it had an unusual amount of justify/principle which seemed unlike any other practice test I have taken. Like you, I also forget which questions belonged to which section so I'm just as curious!

  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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