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Taking a 7Sage class

amcurry10amcurry10 Member
edited July 2013 in October 2013 LSAT 9 karma
Hi! I took the June 2013 LSAT and got a decent score but I know I can do better. I did the Kaplan online class, which didn't really help me all that much. I was wondering if this is different enough from Kaplan to help raise my score? I don't live close to any in-class options so I can only do online anyways. Any suggestions on other study material would be great! thanks!


  • Andrew GAndrew G Member
    28 karma
    Yes it can! I likewise took (and canceled the June 2013 LSAT) I've also read all the PowerScore books, all the Manhattan Books, taken BluePrint 2.0 course, taken the AlphaScore online course, and bought several Cambridge LSAT bundles and can tell you J.Y.'s explanations are the best -- if you buy the LG bundle and watch every LG explanation 1-68 after doing each game -0 is a virtual lock. If you buy the 7Sage Complete and go over every RC Passage PT45-69 and watch J.Y break it down there's no way the LSAT will fool you come test day. LR is great too, he really makes the embedded clauses, subtle tricks and convoluted stimulus passages so much easier -- you'll love this course, no joke -- it's super straightforward, easy to learn and very intuitive! As you can tell i'm a pretty huge fan, but don't take my word for it, check it out yourself.
  • Luis89011Luis89011 Alum Member
    48 karma
    I took testmasters and i had alot of technique that was hesitant and not confident in my approach, this course is Clearing up alot of things for me
  • Nevill WilderNevill Wilder Member
    19 karma
    The difference between this and other courses is that everyone else is super focused on showing you what to do to get a correct answer while 7sage instead teaches you how to think about the LSAT. This is so much more powerful because it allows you to develop a dynamic skill set for crushing the LSAT, which is much more powerful than memorizing a methodology some guy made up and decided to sell. Plus 7sage uses real questions, and it turns out that matters.

    Besides, who else uses Star Wars to explain formal logic? Nobody, that's who.
  • amcurry10amcurry10 Member
    9 karma
    Y'all have convinced me! thanks so much!
  • CJ ShinCJ Shin Member
    edited July 2013 302 karma
    Nevill is dead on about the difference between 7sage and others.
    What I would like to add onto his explanation is that from my experience, I felt that 7sage focuses on your FUNDAMENTAL understanding of LSAT.
    And this is crucial because this is what is required for you to deal with curve-breaker questions that will differentiate between you and the others.
    Remember, LSAT is a standardized test.
    So the more you get right on the questions that others get wrong, the higher your score will be.

    Before I found 7sage, I took a course in Korea (what a waste of 1 month) that tried to teach LSAT in a purely formulaic manner, not just the logic itself, but the ENTIRE god damn thing.
    The instructor would say something like "for weaken questions, find a new word that appears in the conclusion and look for an answer choice that contains this word."
    And she would deliberately pick an example that complies with this "principle."
    When I confronted her with an example that does not conform to this principle (which there are MANY), she would avoid giving me a direct answer and would say "well.. it works most of the times."
    Then I would say, "why the f@#$ am I paying and investing my time into something that will only prepare me for 80% of the test?"
    Hell, even I could teach it then.

    After JY's lessons on weaken questions and the fantastic analogy of Goku and his energy-beam, I finally understand what my previous instructor meant by "looking for that new word."
    It's basically this: when a new element suddenly is introduced in the conclusion, this indicates that the author has made a jump, and accordingly, an assumption.
    And what do we know about an assumption? It's a weakness in the argument.
    So of course the answer choice will contain this new element. DUH.

    But LSAT writers are NOT stupid.
    They will not give you such easy and formulaic questions such as 1+1=2.
    There will be some questions that will truly test your knowledge of what an argument is, and when they throw these, you will need to have a comprehensive knowledge of what an argument is.

    After 3 months with 7sage, there are very few questions that I just don't understand.
    It's all about timing and concentration now!
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