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Out of school for 10 years. Where should I get LOR?

extramediumextramedium Alum Member

Thinking about asking past bosses who are now pretty high up in tech and entertainment (Apple, Production Company Owner, Best-Selling Author who was my former editor). These are two fields I'm interested in working in with copyright and IP, but I realize this won't be enough.

I need some academic letters and I'm coming up short on where I might find one, since I've been out of school for 10 years now and didn't form any relationships with my professors. The one exception is an advertising professor in the Communications department. Other than that, I don't really anyone in academia except for my ex and I'm definitely not going down that road.

Only other option I can think of is that I was employed in a workstudy program for 3 years and worked under a couple different Deans (engineering and biochemistry), both of whom I presume hold me in high esteem. But again, I haven't talked to these people in years.

Are these options even worth a shot? Or should I just find some people to pay off?


  • Mellow_ZMellow_Z Alum Member
    1997 karma

    If you've been out of school for 10 years, that falls into the exception category. I think it's very reasonable to have LoR's from supervisors over the years. Since they obviously won't be the desired academic letters, pick people who will right you nothing less than flawless recommendations.

    You want someone to praise your ability to go above and beyond what is asked of you, your willingness to learn new skills/concepts, your leadership, your hunger for success, etc. LoR are going to be more favorable if the writer can actually speak about who you are as a professional, instead of a generic one from a teacher who doesn't remember you from 10 years ago.

    You should be fine without your professors since it sounds like you have some great candidates from your profession.

  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma

    If you've been out of school for a decade, schools won't expect you to have academic LOR. Employer LORs are fine, and often preferred in this case.

  • extramediumextramedium Alum Member
    419 karma

    Thanks a lot guys! This really eases my fears. I think the letter from my editor will help.

  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma

    @extramedium said:

    Thanks a lot guys! This really eases my fears. I think the letter from my editor will help.

    Nothing to worry about this -- you got this :)

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