PT41.S4.P2 (Q10) - countee cullen

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Hi I got the correct answer A, but only through the process of elimination. I am slightly bothered by the AC's somewhat extreme tone, "best."

Can I say that it is justified because the supporting textual evidence (line 10-11) says "preferred?"
I am just wondering in general: when is the extreme tone in the RC inference AC justified, and when is it not?


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    Hi @TheoryandPractice,

    I really hate questions like this. Yeah, it is the most strongly supported answer because the passage says he preferred that type and used it. Technically, there could have been another type of poetry that he thought would be better, but he sucked at it so did not use it. However, because the question is a MSS and not a MBT question, answer A is a valid answer. For questions like this, I also like to do POE if time permits to feel confident in the answer.

    To answer your question, extreme tone is easier to support in an MSS question, although LR MSS questions often have weak correct answers. Extreme tone is rarely the answer in a MBT question. There better be a damn good deductive argument for an extreme answer to be the correct one on a MBT question.

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