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WTF. Proctor got the time wrong!?

nishanik15nishanik15 Alum Member
edited June 2017 in June 2017 LSAT 87 karma

So I have accommodations (time and a half - 53 minutes per section) and just finished the test a little while ago. Something weird as hell happened... The proctor was timing us (me and one other person) incorrectly!

I had the bezel on my watch set to the minute hand when we started and at minute 43, the protcor said 5 minutes remaining and I was like ??? but thought maybe I messed up my watch or something so I just accepted I had 5 minutes left and finished the first section accordingly. At the end of section 1, I thought about saying something but stupid me fell victim to authority worship and assumed that I was in the wrong and didn't say anything in the very short time we had before moving to section 2.

Now it's minute 43 in section 2 and once again, proctor calls 5 minute warning. At this point, I know I'm not wrong and she definitely messed up somehow so I push past my initial outrage/disbelief and keep moving with 5 minutes left. As soon as she calls time for section 2, I immediately tell her that I'm almost entirely certain we didn't get the appropriate time for the last 2 sections. After brief discussion, she says that she knows what time we started and if by the end of section 3, the time isn't adding up, she'll give us that time back at the end.

Lo and behold, we finish section 3 (this time after the full 53 minutes) and at the break, she realizes I was right and that we were gypped of 5 minutes from both section 1 and 2. She talked to the supervisor and did allow us to go back to each section for 5 minutes once we had finished the test but before the essay.

Obviously, that whole fuck up threw off my mental game and presumably negatively affected my score. Not to mention that section 2 was RC so those 5 minutes weren't nearly as useful at the end because I had to waste time skimming a passage again because I naturally forgot some of the details after a few hours.

I figure I should email LSAC about this whole situation but I was wondering if any of you have had something similar happen and if so, what did you do about it? I'm not sure what LSAC could do aside from maybe a refund of the registration fee. Tbh I'm not even sure what I want them to do about it.

Any advice or input on my situation would be very much appreciated!


  • dennisgerrarddennisgerrard Monthly + Live Member
    1644 karma

    Sorry to hear your experience. I think that you can email and call LSAC to explain your case. I wonder how you applied for the accommodation test and what are some requirements?

  • nishanik15nishanik15 Alum Member
    edited June 2017 87 karma

    Yeah, I plan on emailing them tonight - I just don't even know what to expect/if I should ask for something in particular from them.

    I have severe narcolepsy which classifies as a physical disability. I had accommodated testing in high school and college and all the appropriate medical documentation, so it wasn't too hard to get approved.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma

    That's insane. I'm sorry your proctor screwed up so badly. She literally robbed you of 10 minutes each section. Every minute - heck every second - is extremely valuable on the LSAT. Even though she compensated the time it won't be the same as given the proper time in the first place so I wouldn't be surprised if your score isn't as you expected or what you were scoring on PTs. Emailing LSAC to notify what happened is actually really important, and that's not you being petty or whatever. It's making sure you're given the proper chance at this exam just like everyone else. I'm assuming LSAC will offer another LSAT free of charge and this exam will be noted as null on your account instead of a cancel since the error wasn't done on your end. When you apply to law school, they will not count this take as a cancel or anything like that so that's a plus. Keep me updated though, I will highly appreciate it - and once again I'm sorry you experienced this.

  • Daniel.SieradzkiDaniel.Sieradzki Member Sage
    edited June 2017 2301 karma

    I am also really sorry that your proctor messed up that bad. Yeah, a little time at the end does not make up for calling time 5 minutes. Heck, most of that time at the end would likely be spent reviewing just to get back to where you left off.

    Please email LSAC. Based on what I have read about similar situations, they will offer solutions. Unfortunately, those solutions are not perfect. They will likely give you a free retake and offer to nullify the June score (like you never signed up for June). Obviously, this is not ideal because you wanted a June score. The proctor cost you that, which really sucks. However, it might still be a better option that waiting to see a score that is potentially less than what you deserved/worked so hard for.

  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma

    Sorry to hear about that :(

    Might all be part of god's plan to retake and get a 180?

    In any case, make sure to email the LSAC and see what, if anything can be done.

    Apologies again.

  • tanes256tanes256 Alum Member
    2573 karma

    @nmk_1995 Wow, sorry to hear this! I would def email LSAC. Did you speak with the other tester? I think most in this situation would notify someone. If you guys were the only two in the room you'll probably have more strength behind getting some sort of accommodations if you both notify LSAC. If they nullify the score can you still at least know what you would've scored? Sucks that if they do decide to wipe the score you're still in the game and have to continue studying. I know that's probably a huge hit for you. I've heard so many horror stories about proctors. They've got to do better. This isn't some patty cake test. Ticks me off just reading it!

    @dennisgerrard go to the LSAC website for the requirements for accommodations. You'll find the forms, instructions and necessary docs needed to apply. You can also call. There is a specific number for that dept. If you're considering applying make sure you start now because you have to get signatures from doctors and we know how that can go sometimes.

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