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Do people follow the target time in JY's video or the target time below the explanation?

RedRidingHood-1RedRidingHood-1 Live Member
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Pretty much in title


  • HopefullyHLSHopefullyHLS Member
    edited August 2021 445 karma

    Yes, I pick which one target time is lower (video vs. analytics) and use it as benchmark for foolprofing the game. Not being clearly below the target time is for me one of the three independent criteria of re-doing a logic game - having at least one question wrong and not feeling that I completely "own" this game are the other two.

  • luckysat1luckysat1 Member
    edited October 2021 167 karma

    Forgive me for sounding a bit contrarian and I do not mean to derail the question but I have never quite understood the point of those target times.

    Like, I guess it makes sense from the point of view of seeing how quick one's process is compared to someone else of high proficiency, but it seems to me it adds an extra level of totally unnecessary pressure.

    Having been working on this for awhile, taken one test (scored 163) and done 130 PT's since June, I have found that my speed in getting through an LG game quite rarely lines up with JY's 'targets'. Sometimes I'll be slower, other times faster, but all that matters to me is that I am able to, quite consistently, get through the entire test with 5+ minutes still on the clock.

    Personally, there is only one speed that matters and that is the speed of 'getting through everything comfortably enough to ensure a high degree of accuracy'. Whether that means the first game takes 15 minutes or 5 is kind of irrelevant. It's irrelevant because, in theory and hopefully in reality, having a sufficiently sound grasp of how to diagram and answer the questions basically guarantees in most cases that even if the target time on a couple games is badly breached due to a comprehension error or whatever that the test will still be completed just fine.

    I guess I'd be interested to learn more about how these target times are used. Hopefully other responses can do that.

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    I make sure that I'm under the target time stated below the explanation. I assumed that when J.Y mentions the time in a video, he was just providing an educated guess. Then they review analytics and what not, and put the exact target time. Thats why I came to follow whats specifically written over what he guesses the time is in the video.

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