PT 1.S1.Q26 (P4) - outside the medical profession

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I'm reviewing RC heavy, and I got stuck on this question, specifically answer choice A (I'm using the Pithypike plan, where I'm doing RC untimed in the 1st month). Now for my own written explanation to myself, I stated A was wrong because the author wanted ALL groups of professionals to be viewed from a new perspective. However, the Kaplan answer choices stated A was wrong because the author wanted physicians to be viewed from the current perspective, and not a new one.

I'm confused, as in the text, the author states that some about physician, and that is _____. He then goes on to criticize and correct/amend their views. Is that not trying to promote a new perspective on the work of physicians? Or am I misinterpreting this? Please clarify this if you can! Thanks!


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    Hi A_lheduru,

    I really liked this rc passage because it was so positive about professionals and had that nice sentence about the practice of law.

    Anyway. Okay, so question 26 asks about the author's attitude. When I reach these questions I first skim the answers to see if the first word of any answer strikes me as true of the author's attitude. Right off the bat, I think, the author did not seem eager. He wrote professionally and with a strong opinion, and eagerness seems at odds with certainty and strength. E stuck out to me because the author does seem "certain." I read E and thought it made sense. Because I never have enough time in RC sections, I just chose E and moved on.

    In review, though, of course it's better to think deeply about it like you're doing. I think you're right. A is wrong in part because the author is speaking broadly about all professionals. You can eliminate A because of that reason. But A is also wrong because the "new perspective" it is referring to is in lines 1-10: "There are various meaning?" His entire essay is then structured to answer that question. In other words, he is committed precisely to the opposite of answer choice A; he is trying to show that the new perspective is wrong.

    Meanwhile, E is right because of line 58. It is almost explicitly stated.

    I hope that helps!
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    Yes, chase62442 , I really appreciate you explaining this! I didn't picture the whole essay's context when I did this question. I got the right answer, but I'm really trying to get a sound system of eliminating answers for RC & your explanation helped me do just that!
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