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How many preptests a week t otake in these last 4 weeks until the LSAT?

psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Legacy Member
edited August 2014 in General 207 karma
Would taking a preptest every other day during the last 3 weeks be a bad move? What about more than every other day, like one on monday, one on tuesday, one on thursday, one on friday, one on sunday, ect?
What about a preptest EVERY day during the penultimate week?

Thank you!


  • krystal.truaxkrystal.truax Alum Member
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    I am right there with you! I have been taking a Practice Test on Saturdays followed by the blind review. After the blind review I go over the problems that I still didn't get right and work from there. I take another PT on Tuesday evenings and repeat the Saturday routine. I like to give myself a few days between tests to work on my problem areas. This routine is working well for me. I am seeing steady progress.....but I am still terrified that I am going to bomb the real test. Best of luck!
  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    edited August 2014 802 karma
    I can't answer this for you, but there are two things you need to consider in answering your own question. If you take a lot of PTs between now and test day, do you have enough time to properly blind-review your work (at least the questions on which you're not 100% sure)? And, if you take a lot of PTs between now and test day, will you burn out?

    I can't answer those for you, but for me I'd say no way. I plan to have about 14 left after the labor day holiday (about a month from test day) and I think that's about as much as I want to do since I still have early game sections to get through and a bunch of early LR that I want to drill on. That load will probably make me mostly intolerable to most other living things by about the 24th of September.

    Be wary of burn out. Be wary of wasting good material. Remember, the test comes again in December. No need to rush.
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