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Looking for a Study Buddy for the LSAT in December in the CLE.

anna.zudellanna.zudell Alum Member
edited September 2014 in General 4 karma
If you happen to be in the CLE area and would be willing to partner with me to study and help up both our scores (I currently score around 155, plus or minus 5 points), I would be absolutely thrilled. There are about 11 weeks left and I really want to buckle down.


  • TwanDittyTwanDitty Alum Member
    4 karma
    Hey there. I too am taking the LSAT in December. I'm somewhat reluctant to invest much time or thought into group studying, I feel as though I have all the resources needed just with 7sage. What do you hope to gain from group studying? I know there could be some advantages, but the last time I studied with someone it seemed to be counter productive considering he wasn't familiar with the 7sage lingo and had a completely different approach to doing things. We are actually in the same range of scores. I think it could be nice to switch up from my every day study routine, but only if it's productive and worth the time. So anyways cool, yeah get back to me and let me know what you think
  • maggielei1109maggielei1109 Alum Member
    34 karma
    hey,TwanDitty,are you full-time study or working?
  • TwanDittyTwanDitty Alum Member
    4 karma
    For the last 6 weeks I have mostly been studying full time. I have the ability to work anytime, so here and there I work during the week but most days I am only studying.
  • godawgs24godawgs24 Alum Member
    53 karma
    For me the best part with group studying comes when reviewing and explaining wrong answers. It has actually helped me a lot being able to explain why my buddy missed a question, because it forces me to have 100% knowledge of why an answer is right or wrong. Usually when I'm reviewing myself, I brush off missing a question believing that it was just a careless mistake, rather than trying to figure out why.
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