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Taking longer than necessary on SA questions. Tips on improving speed?

thisisspartathisissparta Alum Member
edited September 2017 in Logical Reasoning 1363 karma

Hey everyone,

So, even though I get most of the SA questions included in the 7sage drills right, I end up taking 2-3 minutes (sometimes even more) on them (barring the really easy ones: i.e., 1-3 difficulty rating). I think converting the sentence into lawgic consumes a lot of the time. As a point of contrast - I was wrapping up the PSA questions within 1:24, and wasn't diagramming for any of those.

Any suggestions on how I can improve my speed?

PS: I didn't print the questions and was drilling directly from the laptop, which meant I couldn't immediately underline key words and diagram. I'm not sure if this was an obstacle in completing the question within the allotted time?

Looking forward to everyone's suggestions!


  • apatel0408apatel0408 Member
    13 karma

    Definitely think that having the question on paper in front of you will decrease your time. Having the ability to mark up and underline absolutely helps me in SA questions with any cond. logic. I would suggest drilling SA questions untimed and trying to draw out the lawgic, as that will definitely help find incorrect answer choices, and often will give you the correct answer.

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