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How to improve on strengthen questions on LR

GraceloverGracelover Alum Member
edited September 2014 in Logical Reasoning 440 karma
I suck at weaken questions too, but I suck even more at strengthen questions.

One of the problems is, I tend to try to focus on the error in the passage, so sometimes I fall for the weakening answers which addresses the error(this is especially true for strengthen EXCEPT questions)...

Another problem is, strengthening is so hard to do! Sometimes I think an answer choice blocks a potential assumption and thereby strengthens, but later I learn that apparently the answer was entirely irrelevant. And sometimes I pick an answer choice which I really think strengthens the argument but apparently it's irrelevant too.


  • GraceloverGracelover Alum Member
    edited September 2014 440 karma
    I noticed a lot of strengthening and weakening arguments have a lot to do with correlation/causation assumptions
  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
    edited September 2014 3438 karma
    Redo the theory and practice... write out your reasons for why each answer choice should be correct according to you or should not be... when you train your intuition this way, things start to become clearer. Often, we get stuff wrong or right based on a thought process that goes on in our minds but this is so internalized that it is difficult to articulate. Once you articulate, it becomes easier to see if, where and why/how you are right or wrong.
  • kellysmellykellysmelly Alum Member
    84 karma
    Its always about making the existing premises somehow more related to drawing the conclusion.
    (1) Add more strength/support to believe one/or more stated premise in the passage
    (2) Exclude a possible gap (assumption) in a stated premise in the passage, so that the premise is now stronger by knowing the gap is closed.
  • GraceloverGracelover Alum Member
    440 karma
    @Nilesh S and @kellysmelly

    Thank you guys!
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