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Going from high 150's/low 160's to high 160's low 170's

sillllyxosillllyxo Alum Member
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I'm sorry if this has been asked before!

I am wondering what your strategies were between being in the high 150's and low 160's to the high 160's/low 170's.

Obv fool proofing logic games is huge. My weakness is logic and SO much of the time I am stuck between 2 right answers and pick the wrong one on LR- It is so frustrating because I lose a lot of points. As far as RC I average 20-21 right so trying to make that perfect right now because I find the whole section very intuitive.


  • Victoria14Victoria14 Alum Member
    776 karma

    As someone who is slowly clawing her way up from low 150s to low 160s, the biggest deal is locking in LG, really NAILING LR and being efficient in RC.

    In LR you need to have your basics solid, so you shouldn't be having any of that "either or" moments. When you read a question stem in LR you should know right away what that question wants from you and be able to really dig out the AC that does that. Occasionally you can have a moment where it's like which way would the right answer lean. I suggest circling and coming back, normally the second pass you can fix the problem.

    In LG just keep doing them. Don't worry about time until you are able to answer every question with 100% confidence. Just drill the crap out of them in all honesty. Do every single type and stretch your mind to learn the basic rules and how each game tends to play. Try to identify free floaters right away and make inferences! Also really develop a game board that is fast, works for you and complete. What I mean by complete is it contains all the rules in a way you really understand.

    In RC, it's a time game and a reading quickly. I have nothing else to offer lol.

  • dennisgerrarddennisgerrard Member
    1644 karma

    @Victoria14 Thanks for input. I'm similar struggle in 150s-160s.

  • grasshopper-1grasshopper-1 Alum Member
    10 karma

    Hi! As someone who went through so much turmoil who is aiming for high 165-170, I would like to offer some insights. For LR, looking at the most recent tests and their question type analysis- I think it's important to lock in your CONDITIONAL logic and CAUSAL skills, 13-14 of the questions from come each of these two types of reasoning (which encompasses question types like strengthen, weaken, principle, etc) Once you nail down these two fundamentals down then you should be getting at least -5. Then you can focus on others ones like parts of an argument and method of reasoning, etc.
    I would also say try to understand why you get the questions wrong and look up all possible explanations for the correct and the incorrect answers, lsathack is a good site if you haven't check them out.
    As for logic games, fool proofing is important but also combine different skills from different prep sources. Look up the official LSAT superprep book (their explanations will make you feel dumb but spot on helpful) and Manhattan logic games, they focus a lot on inferences and intuition. Avoid test and trial with LG answers as much as you can because they are so time consuming, although some questions you will have no choice but to do so. As for reading, my favorite, I would say- try to read as much as you can on your own on topics that you dread- and try to analyze them under lsat reading questions.

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    I’d say with LR, what helped me a lot is just the BR. When you got it to 50/50 and pick the wrong one, making sure to really dissect why each answer was either right or wrong. What it is that you missed the first time around. It’s also true that as you keep doing these over and over and over, you see the patterns that they use. It’s very repetitive. I’ve started to intuitively know what they are looking for in each answer.

    LG, yes just fool proofing. I’m not as great at those as many here are. I generally get them all right but still can’t get through them all fast enough. I’ve been improving with time. I also have realized that skipping here helps me sometimes. I now frequently skip the rule substitution questions. I’ll read through and if I don’t know right away, move on. Since time is my biggest problem and those are the biggest time sucker by far, it’s often not worth it.

    I’m jealous though, I’m having a way tougher time in RC than you, so no good advice there! Haha. Skipping strategies are also good overall. That could help out in any section that you are having trouble finishing in time.

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