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Need some advice

natashabanks1natashabanks1 Free Trial Member
edited September 2014 in General 55 karma
Hi! So Sept test day is in 2 weeks. my last 4 PTs (5 sections and simulated conditions) have been 158, 154, 159, 155. (Started at a 138 diag so I am happy to have made these strides but I am aware these scores are still not enough) I have about 5 more PTs to take ( 2 weeks out: Tues, Thurs, Sat, Week of LSAT: Mon, Wed). Any suggestions on the next two weeks? I think at this point it will be sheer luck if I get a 160 since my PT average is floating in the upper 150s, but if theres any advice ill take it. My games section ranges from -4 to -2. LR is about -7 to -10 per section and RC is literally a toss up but usually -12 to -10 (I only am able to finish 3 passages).

Maybe only take 4 PTs and drill more?


  • cole.w.murdochcole.w.murdoch Alum Member
    228 karma
    Drill RC. I had problems before with getting all my RC passages done. I spent a few days reading, doing RC sections from old PT's and I also started trusting my gut more. I'm now scoring much lower than before. Getting that last section completed is a crucial part of getting that 160.
  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    802 karma
    Another strategy might be a bit of game theory. Assuming you still cannot finish all passages after improving as much as is theoretically possible (but c'mon... you'll improve!) then one strategy might be to look for the RC passages with the most questions and go after those first. This would get you the most possible points while reading the fewest passages.

    Logic: If you read passage 1 and passage 2, both of equal length and difficulty in terms of comprehension/subject matter etch, then if all other things are equal, you should go after the passage with more questions.

    Example: Passage 1 has 5 questions, but passage 3 has 8 questions. They're the same length and talk about weird things that are equally confusing to you. If you go after passage 3 instead of passage 1, you'll have read the same amount but have a higher potential payoff in terms of raw score, which MAY improve your scaled score.

    You can probably also improve your LR score if you drill on the question type that is giving you trouble. Look at your analytics and spend at least one hour reviewing the question type is says is most likely to occur that you're below 80% on. That should get you 2-3 raw points too.
  • kellysmellykellysmelly Alum Member
    edited September 2014 84 karma
    I think LR is a more predictable section than RC. So, if I were you I would
    1st priority redo all the LR ones you missed. Then do like ~10- untimed LR sections to hone your skills and switching your brain between the different question types and gaining confidence.
    2nd priority do a bunch of RC passages and redo them again until you link/find the structure of the passage. I think the harder part of RC (in comparison to LR Qs) -is that the question stems are longer and complicated. It helps, to categorize, when possible generally as (identification- passage must state the AC), (inference-what you can be concluded from the passage) and be able to isolate the arguments as you do in LR.

    I think when you hone your LR skills this will help your RC at the same time. So, by working on LR you will also help improve your RC in certain aspects as well. Good luck!
  • David WayneDavid Wayne Free Trial Member
    571 karma
    You'll get what you are getting on preptests, most likely a bit less. Just keep that in mind.
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