PT10.S1.Q18 - people cannot be morally responsible


I am going through MBT and MSS questions because they seem to be my biggest weakness. I came across this question while drilling and I contended between (B) and (E). I ultimately chose (B) and again in BR.

I thought the "everyone sometimes acts in ways that are..." could be considered as "commonly performed actions", and thought (B) was regarding to those actions that occur as a result of treatment as infants and therefore, people are not morally responsible.

I understand why (E) is correct - within the scope of "everyone" includes adults, therefore adults are not responsible for every actions (because there could be those actions they perform as a consequence of treatments they received as infants) - but I can't exactly pinpoint why (B) is wrong.

It would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated if someone could shed some light on this question!

Thank you :)


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    Hey there!

    I think B is wrong because it's unclear what action (B) is talking about. You have to assume that the said function is "commonly performed". Nowhere in the stimulus is it sufficiently evident that these activities/actions are commonly performed. In MBT questions, if you're having to make assumptions with an AC, that's probably a red flag - especially if there's another more suitable AC.

    The ceiling for true-ness in such questions is low. There is a level of generalization that must be met - the said statement must apply in every scenario, across the board. The minimal assumptions (E) requires us to make coupled with the fact that it meets the above standard for true-ness, is a good reason to pick AC (E) as opposed to (B).

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    B is wrong because of the use of "commonly." Nowhere in the stimulus does it mention commonly performed actions. We simply do not know if the actions being considered are performed commonly or rarely.

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    B is incorrect because it fails sufficient condition for our idea in the stimulus that:

    if /ControlofAction --> /MorallyResponsible

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