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Left Over Time

bsbernsteinbsbernstein Alum Member
edited September 2014 in Reading Comprehension 16 karma
Hi, I know I am fortunate to have this problem, but I consistently find myself with roughly 7 minutes left to twiddle my thumbs on RC sections and am generally missing 0 or 1 questions. Nevertheless, I want to use those 7 minutes effectively to ensure I'm maximizing my score. What approach should I be taking with that time? BR?


  • $chedda$$chedda$ Alum Member
    72 karma
    It doesn't seem like there's much else you can do.

    I couldn't imagine consistently having that much time left over. Is there any particularly distinct way you approach the passages?
  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    802 karma
    I, like chedda, wish I had your problem. However, I have an answer to your question too. If I had the time, I would use it to go back over questions that have specific references. For example a question that asks, "according to passage, the author says each of the following except:" or "In line, 7...blah". would be a good use of your time. They're time consuming, but easy low hanging fruit if you have time to go back and check. In BR, I actually number the lines where a given answer is referenced (whether right or wrong) just so I know exactly what it's talking about. I'd do the same on the test if I had time, because you can't help but get them right that way.

    The ones that ask you to interpret are not likely to come with time. You either get it, or need it explained. If you're -0 or -1 consistently, you're in the first camp. In that case, spend your extra time on things even the best reader can miss.... obscure references, or tricky wording that with time could be properly parsed.
  • LouieRodriguezLouieRodriguez Free Trial Member
    82 karma
    I'd spend five minutes looking back at the more difficult questions and two minutes meditating in anticipation of the next section.
  • msmith85msmith85 Alum Member
    213 karma
    This happens to me with Logical Reasoning, I go back and review the most difficult ones but once only one or two minutes are left I focus on my breathing and being ready to really attack the next section.
  • bsbernsteinbsbernstein Alum Member
    16 karma
    @chedda, I'm lucky in that I do naturally a lot of what JY teaches here. The one thing I would probably change is that where JY says "feign interest" I "feign expertise." I read the passage as if I'm an expert, and when it says "some people argue..." I just immediately pretend like I already knew that and make it part of my own background, not just the passage's. I think it helps me internalize the passage if I have (newly adopted) opinions about its content.

    @joe, Thanks! That's a really good approach and a good use of that time. I had felt like I was kind of aimlessly casting about in choosing which questions to review.
  • K-MagnetK-Magnet Alum Member
    283 karma
    Hi @bsbernstein , did you ever find a strategy to help you?

    I have found that I am finishing my RC in 25 minutes (I have no idea how.. I'm still surprised every time), but I am also usually missing 1 every time. The problem is that 1 is usually one that I have not circled, so I did not notice that I had flawed reasoning for my approach to that question.... Did you ever resolve this issue for yourself? Might be helpful guidance for my issue!
  • Marie4lawschoolMarie4lawschool Alum Member
    359 karma
    To all the speedies out there, please could you share any suggestions for how others could get to sharing your delightful dilemma of having time to spare?! I'd love to be in your situation.
  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
    244 karma
    I figured if you read every single word on RC passage including all the words on the question stems and AC, you would physically not have enough time. How in the world would one read all, answer all correct and have time left?
  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
    244 karma
    Also when you guys say -1 in Rc passage do you mean 1 mistake in each section totaling 4 mistakes or just one in the whole 4 sections? same with LR i get confused when people say -3 in LR, is it -3 in each of the LR sections or is it total? I hope for god to be each section because that's how i'd be doing.
  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
    244 karma
    apologies in advance for going off topic....
  • K-MagnetK-Magnet Alum Member
    283 karma
    For speed, a few tips:

    I mark the passages very minimally -- mostly, not at all.

    I usually have those moments of "what did I just read, I need to read again" at the very beginning of a passage. It's as if I get the 'jitters' over & done with at the beginning.. and then I feel more resolved not to waste any more time & push forward.

    I also think it is important to be interested -- increased interest = increased attentiveness = increased speed. I genuinely want to find out what interesting facts might be included in the passage. Heck, I usually know nothing about the subject matter, so it's like finding out about a whole new world of information!

    I also have DRILLED RC sections -- I took one preptest book & only did the RC passages one after another, as if I were doing a five-section test composed only of RC passages.

    I'd still love to know about suggestions for what to do with left over time though! As I have encountered that the Q's I do get wrong are not always those that I even circled.

  • turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
    edited November 2014 770 karma
    @LeoFiro8 - The numbers are understood to mean "for each section". 1 section = all 4 passages in RC; all 4 Logic Games, etc. So if I get -1 in RC, it means I only missed one question out of all 28 questions in RC. (which I haven't done yet but goodness I want to!!!)

    @K-Magnet - This seems counter-intuitive, but... have you tried slowing down? haha

    Honestly I wouldn't bother slowing down because your accuracy level is excellent for the pace that you're going, but if you slow down during the process, it may help you catch whatever mistakes you're making.
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