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Will a low LSAT score overshadow a high GRE score?

algo1577algo1577 Alum Member
in General 36 karma

I have started to consider taking the GRE after receiving my September LSAT score and consistently getting similar scores on practice tests I have recently taken. I have had difficulty improving on the logical reasoning portion of the test so it was no surprise that I scored a 145. Based on a high GRE practice test score, which I took before reviewing any material, I feel that I could score in a higher percentile than I would if I were to retake the LSAT. However, could the presence of a very low LSAT score on my application overshadow my potentially high GRE score and a 3.8 gpa?


  • Jonathan WangJonathan Wang Yearly Sage
    edited November 2017 6867 karma

    As I understand it, schools are forced to report your LSAT score if you have one. So yeah, it'll likely tank your application - Harvard, Columbia, and Northwestern historically haven't been too keen on 145s.

    Plus, though we obviously have no empirical data to back this up yet, I'd be willing to bet a pretty reasonable sum of money that the number of GRE-only admits will be a very low proportion of the class.

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