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Experience filing a noise complaint and/or explaining a low LSAT score on your app?

lsatjesslsatjess Member
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Hi all,

I took the December LSAT this past Saturday and as soon as my first section started, two people in my class realized they were in the wrong room (they needed to be in the room giving them extra accommodations), so there was a loud commotion for a good 10 minutes as they were trying to figure things out, all while the timer was running. Pretty sure it docked a good few points for me... I get it, stuff happens. Just bummed that it had to happen in my room on what I was hoping would be my first and only take... I contacted LSAC and they said if I moved forward with the complaint, it'd delay my receipt of my scores for 2+ weeks so I'm thinking it's not worth it to pursue, as I'm already on the later end of the rolling application process.

That being said, if I were to explain what happened on an additional addendum, do you think law schools would just perceive it as a sissy excuse? I'm probably retaking in February but some of the schools I'm applying to don't accept the February LSAT.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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