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-2 to -4 Reading Comprehension, -5 to -9 LR Total, -4 to -9 On Logic Games (166-170 goal)

slabarge11slabarge11 Alum Member
edited September 2014 in September 2014 LSAT 4 karma
I think that my situation here is atypical. I think I studied all wrong, and I am unsure if I am screwed because of it.

I am blessed in that from the beginning I never missed more than 4 questions on reading comprehension.

I then wasted a month of prep learning all sorts of shit pertaining to logical reasoning (using the LRB). Then, one day, I took a PT and didn't diagram anything or use any of the methods the LRB instructed me on. I received a -3 on LR total (significantly better than what I was testing before). Now I regularly test -5 to a -9 on LR total for both sections--without any sort of markings, diagrams, conditional logic, etc. I just use intuition and it serves me better.

This, unfortunately, is not the case with logic games.

The first several sections I did I went -15+. I buckled down, and in the last week I've managed to improve that to about a -7. I am hoping that in the next week I can improve that to a -4 (which is hopefully possible).

I have two concerns that I am hoping for some input on:

1: The effect of the 'oddball' game that has made an appearance on the last couple LSATs and will inevitably appear on the September test. Is there any speculation on what this game may be?

2.) I have 6 days of prep left to turn a -7 on logic games into a -4...what, in your opinion, is the best way to do this? Obviously drill-baby-drill is applicable here--and trust me I am drilling hard--but is there any specific aspect to games that I should focus on which would yield the greatest marginal benefit?

Appreciate any and all feedback.


To the proprietors of this site: You're fucking heroes; I am so happy that you are doing this and not running M&A deals for Cravath in NYC instead (you'll probably end up making more money, anyways).


  • Allison MAllison M Alum Member Inactive Sage
    810 karma
    I think the best advice regarding the "oddball" games that I've seen on here is to stay calm. Regardless of the setup, every LG section is going to test the same basic skills. If you encounter such a game, don't freak out; just try to find a setup that works for you and plough through it. The only real preparation that you can do is to drill the early games, which tended to be less formulaic than what has been the norm over the last few years.

    Good luck!
  • chase62442chase62442 Alum Member
    79 karma
    don't worry about the oddball games, because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Instead, drill the games that are very common because even if there is one oddball, the other three will be games like those you've seen before. Hopefully you can do those quickly and leave time to figure out the potential oddball. Good luck!
  • sillllyxosillllyxo Alum Member
    708 karma

    i would agree with the above advice^ if you can go -0 on the other games you can probably go 2/4 or 3/6 on an oddball game unless you have a super bad day which would leave you with around -4 total anyways.

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Member
    1488 karma

    Agree with all of the above, but additionally, be sure you are good on your double layer sequencing games, you are almost guaranteed to have one on your test (according to the data from the last two years of LSATs). On a side note: jealous of your RC! We are opposites there ;)

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