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Taking PT 72 today, should I include a 5th section?

psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Member
edited September 2014 in General 207 karma
Hi, i'm taking the pt 72 today to gauge where I am and maybe fine tune anything I may have screwed up. Of course, I'll be taking the day off tomorrow due to the lsat on sat.

Should I include a 5th section in this test? Where would you say I should place it to simulate the fatigue the best?


  • brittneynelson.07brittneynelson.07 Free Trial Member
    edited September 2014 24 karma
    I think you shouldn't, just for your own relaxation. But if you decide to, put it at the end because it'll simulate the test since there will be three sections before the break, and three after (including the writing section) so get used to the timing after relaxation.
    Good luck!!
  • psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Member
    207 karma
    So take both today and tomorrow off? I don't know where I would score today unfortunately although I did pt about 6 days ago..did lots of drilling since then. maybe I should just relax today and tomorrow though. probably not much of a point difference
  • rob.l.myersrob.l.myers Free Trial Member
    2 karma worn out would you be if you took 1 more test today? You have a full 24+ hours before the actual exam.

    I just think it's a bit excessive to declare a 48hr rest period before test day. I'm sure you studied the day before a test in college or had other exams. It doesn't seem rational to change up your usual routine now.
  • sgndawsgndaw Alum Member
    45 karma
    you want to study today, the key is to nit strain your brain the day before the test, even if you feel the urge to study it will backfire, because your brain will be too tired. Make sure you have a light review tomorrow, no exercises just review the theory.
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