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Question: Cambridge PT 5th Section (PT-A)?

Edmond.DantesEdmond.Dantes Alum Member
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I just found a copy of PT74 I bought from CambridgeLSAT awhile ago. It looks like it's got 5 sections, with the 3rd section labeled as (PT-A) on the Answer Key page. There is no label to indicate whether this section came from another PT.

Are there more than 4 LSAT sections? Many different test centers get different combinations? Or am I missing something here?


  • runiggyrunruniggyrun Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    The actual exam will have an experimental section (can be any of LR, RC, LG) in addition to the 4 scored sections. They do not tell you which one is the experimental, so you have to approach all 5 sections as if they are "real". Different people will get a different "experimental", but I'm not sure if it varies by test center or by some other criteria. That's why you see a mad flurry of posts after each administration trying to figure out which were the 4 "real" sections.
    The 4 section PTs that LSAC sells contain the 4 scored sections for each administration.
    Some vendors, like Cambridge, used to offer 5-section versions of the PTs to help testers practice their stamina by taking 5 sections in a row. Because they don't have access to true "experimental" sections, they use an extra section from a different PT.
    In your case, they inserted a section from PTA (From the superprep booklet) as a third section amidst the other real sections from PT74.
  • Edmond.DantesEdmond.Dantes Alum Member
    155 karma

    Thanks! I was wondering what PT-A meant...Was more expecting a number, but this makes sense.
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