Splitter - LSAT Lower than GPA

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I'm pretty sure I didn't do very well on the Dec LSAT. My average PT score dropped 10 points a month before the test (I was devastated) and it didn't vastly improve before test day. I'm wondering what my chances of getting in my back-up school are if my GPA is over their 75% and LSAT is under their 25% (by two points, which is where I'm thinking I'll land after scores come out). My resume includes a lot of volunteer work, leadership awards and positions, and work experience. I worked through undergrad and am currently working full time as the HR coordinator of a large physicians practice (I'm interested in health care law).

Any thoughts or advice? Is it even worth applying if my LSAT ends up under the school's 25%?


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    I would do some research on how this particular school treats gpa vs lsat. Some schools put more value on your gpa and not lsat. Try "top law schools" blog. I always find it to be a good source.

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    Depends on the school and the GPA/LSAT. Hard to make generalizations or give advice in a vacuum. A top school... probably not a great chance. A regional school... you'd have a much better chance.

    While there's truly no such thing as a reverse splitter, (High gpa/low LSAT) your softs may be helpful. More importantly, make sure you have a rock solid PS or DS and great LORs!

    Don't let the stress of waiting for a score convince you that you did poorly! Chance are, you scored right in your PT range. If that is too low, then you should plan on retaking the LSAT. There are many (read: tons) of high GPA/low LSAT applicants. And a high GPA doesn't have the ability to offset a low LSAT like a high LSAT score can do for a low GPA.

    Good luck! :)

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    The next US News may shake things up. They'll also like to see the nice GPA and good resume. Even though the test is really important, it isn't everything.

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    Like Alex said, depends on the school. If you're applying for a T14 school I'd imagine that retaking the LSAT for a better score would be your best bet. A lot of people don't want to "waste" their high GPA.
    Although, for what it's worth, I was in the same position you were in (very high GPA above the schools 75% but LSAT score below 25%) and was accepted to my first choice which was a regional school in the top 30. Just make sure you have a killer personal statement/resume/diversity statement/recommendation letters

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