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What to eat the night before/morning of the test.

bsulli12bsulli12 Free Trial Member
edited September 2014 in General 9 karma
Any good recommendations? I'd like some good brain food that'll give me an energy boost but won't risk giving me an upset stomach or bowel issues during the test.


  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    802 karma
    Don't eat anything you have not already eaten. You need to keep your body running on whatever fuel you've been giving it. Any changes could throw you off..why risk it?

    Just make sure you get up early enough so that you have time to go through your full routine before you get in the car to go for the test. You'll be distracted once you get to the test center so better to have done all your ritualistic things before hand. That includes breakfast, bathroom, warm-up, music, whatever.... everything.

    Good luck Bsulli. Rock out.
  • Will EdwardsWill Edwards Alum Member Inactive Sage
    175 karma
    This is a pretty personal question. I can't tell you what will or won't upset your own stomach. I'll throw some broad suggestions out there though.

    -Eat some high-fiber carbs like beans, oatmeal or whole-wheat toast. This will give you sustained energy and help you stay full.

    -Complement that with some protein and a little fat, like eggs. Again, this will help you stay full longer. Also, I find I'm not really awake until I have some sort of protein in the morning. If you are vegan, try tofu/tempeh/seitan with some avocado for the added fat. I also like eggs with avocado.

    -Drink some juice. When you just wake up, you haven't eaten for about 8 hours and probably haven't drank much in that time either, so you needs some simple carbs and water to restart your body. Make sure to drink some plain water as well, since juice has a lot of sugar in it.

    -Piece of fruit. Hey it's like juice with fiber!

    -Coffee if you take it normally.

    -Dark Chocolate. Because it's delicious. And there is some evidence that it helps you think. But mostly because it's delicious.

    -Plan to finish eating your main breakfast about an hour before the test starts, so that you don't feel too full.

    Good luck!
  • DrackedaryDrackedary Member
    239 karma
    I'd avoid anything high of the glycemic index before the test to avoid energy crashes part way.

    Go crazy on a double pepperoni pizza after the test :)
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