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    I took the sepetember test this year, after studying my ass off for months in advance, hours upon hours every week. Right before the September test I was averaging a 169/170 on my PT’s. I took the test and when results were released I scored a 163. I was absolutely gutted. I reached out to some of my mentors like @"Cant Get Right" @"Alex Divine" @Sami @TheMikey @akistotle and a few others like you are doing here to ask for advice.

    Unanimously the advice was, have confidence in yourself, trust the process, and get back on the horse.

    So I did that. I re-evaluated what was going on. I looked at where my weaknesses were and I laid out a new plan. I practice skipping strategies that were suggested to me. I created a more concrete RC strategy, and most of all I relaxed and let myself have breaks.

    The entire time I would come to this forum and ask for help and support. This community is amazing. After about a week or two I was back to studying. This time I was more calm and focused. Because of the amazing help I received I was able to keep my head cool.

    I took the December test and I went in relaxed. I took the test in my own way. I walked out and had no feeling about my score, but I felt much less stressed.

    Last week I got my score back, it was a 171.

    Moral? You can do this! Ease yourself back into it. Target weaknesses and drill, drill, drill. Ask for help and motivation on the forums. Most of all don’t let this test weasel its way into your mind. You know you are capable and the LSAT can’t win :P

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