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    No. I think some slight humor is ok at times in personal statements or given a light-hearted prompt from a school. But I don't think your resume is the right time for it.

  • AlexAlex Alum Member
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    I wouldn't make jokes on your resume. It's just not the place for jokes and there's always a chance people will think you're being serious, lmao.

    It is pretty funny though!

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    Yeah man, don't do this. I've joked about including a pun in my PS, but in all honesty law school is a graduate school. One of the most stuffy forms of graduate school. Admissions probably wouldn't find it funny, even if it is relatable to most of us applicants

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    I think we can all agree it's objectively funny. I don't know what the sense of humor is like in the admit office though. I'd play it safe and make a standard, boring resume.

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    I was apart of the hiring process at the law firm I worked at and if I saw that I wouldn't pass the resume on to the attorneys. It makes you seem immature. Law school apps arent a joke. If you want to be personable you can include that you collect stamps or watch anime or like 80s rock music or are really good at cartwheels or whatever in the interests section of your resume.

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    The question is not "can you" but "should you," and as everyone has said, the answer is a definitive "No." After a person has proven themselves to be serious and has a good reputation, they might find that they can use humor in unusual places (I've seen Supreme Court decisions with jokes in it), but before that reputation is built up, it tends to reflect badly, because there is no context to the humor, and the joke ends up defining the person.

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    I vote no as well

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    Crack the joke in your personal statement or somewhere else where it will be clearly a joke! That is a great way to start a PS about any number of things. Your resume, though, is not the place.

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    Yeah, please don't do this lol

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    Okay, but if I get an interview I'm showing up in my belt and badge.

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    @10000019 said:
    Okay, but if I get an interview I'm showing up in my belt and badge.


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    As someone with many years in a professional career and having an opportunity to hire people, I would say no. If you can work it into your personal statement maybe ok. If you have to go to an interview I would say it could be a great idea, but know your audience.

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    Jumping in late to the fray—no, but you already know that by now. I think it's okay to show self-awareness and a sense of humor in your personal statement, where it's possible to provide a sense of context, but jokes as such are just too risky.

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    Not worth your time!

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    From one goofball to another, don't do it.

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