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Can schools see if you signed up for the February LSAT after you apply?

JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member

Basically title. And if so, does that matter or affect decisions in any way?


  • TabbyG123TabbyG123 Member
    711 karma

    Yep! LSAC will automatically send them this information.

    And it depends on the school in terms of how this affects when they give decisions. Some, like UCB, will automatically hold your application until the score comes back and will not review. Other schools will ask you whether you'd like them to hold your application or not. I'd ask the specific schools. Some will not hold it and review straight away, like UT.

  • JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
    3112 karma

    What if I don't want them to hold it? Should I let them know? Especially where I doubt they will have rendered a decision by the time I get my scores back...

  • calcal101calcal101 Alum Member
    582 karma

    @JustDoIt said:
    What if I don't want them to hold it? Should I let them know? Especially where I doubt they will have rendered a decision by the time I get my scores back...

    Yup; let them know. After submitting to Berkeley and GW, I saw that the default is for them to hold (there's a note on the status checker; you'll be sent a link to the status checker after they receive your application). Both schools request that you email them if you don't want them to hold. GW was very quick to reply back that they will not hold, per my request. :smile:

  • OlamHafuchOlamHafuch Alum Member
    2326 karma

    Hey @JustDoIt It's kinda confusing, but every school is different. Georgetown, for example, will not hold your application for a future LSAT unless you specifically ask them to. CLS, on the other hand, will not even complete your application and place it in the queue unless you specifically ask them to do so. Wish there was a uniform policy, but there isn't.

  • trueblueyalietrueblueyalie Free Trial Member
    19 karma

    Whether they will automatically hold your application until the LSAT score is released really, really depends on the school, and your best shot is to call each school for how they treat it. Further, policies are different for Dec and Feb LSAT, depending on the school. Also many schools don't see the upcoming LSAC registration unless you specifically tell them you are taking it. Berkeley, for the record, does not accept the Feb LSAT under any circumstance.

  • JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
    3112 karma

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I was just wondering if it would change anything if it is my fourth take.

  • lcmhomeslcmhomes Alum Member
    27 karma

    I've visited a number of law schools (mostly hear in the Bay area) and still have a few on my list to visit. 15 on my list with maybe 2 or 3 out of the Cal area. This is only because I thought "who knows"? Maybe, just maybe. Then, each time I opened my email there was one that wasn't on list of choices...why? There some things I can't explain, but it is what it is. At first, my decision for choosing those out of Cal was due to weather condition; not a fan of cold weather; coming from the Jersey City, NJ and shoveling snow wasn't something that appealed to me. Until it dawned on me..."dude, didn't you spend time in Bridgeport, Ca as a Field Medical Service Technician while in the Navy.." it went on and on. So, I decided to try something different; flipping on the temperature control in my car while on the road driving. You'd be amazed of all the self-talk I had to do to even consider opening the emails from law schools outside of Ca. The drive along the coast and into neighborhoods, I as a realtor, wouldn't otherwise have traveled into is certainly an eye opener. An eye opener in that it's truly changed my outlook of how things truly are on this planet we call Earth and that much more has to be done to keep it healthy and vibrant. California has won my pick as far as States are concerned...I feel there's much to learn and give no matter where I "park" myself...and certainly it will be the same for others as they allow themselves to have a more open mind.

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