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Registering for the Jan 2023 LSAT: Do law schools know if you've signed up for a future LSAT exam?

sk1491625sk1491625 Member
edited December 2022 in Law School Admissions 17 karma

After applying to several law schools, I decided to sign up for the January 2023 LSAT (with score preview) to see if I could boost my score, even though I'm fairly happy with my existing score (in the low-170s) from earlier this year. However, I was wondering if law schools would be able to determine from my CAS report that I've signed up for a future LSAT exam and, if so, whether they would delay the processing of my admissions materials until Jan score release (scheduled for Feb 1) accordingly?

For instance, I noticed this disclaimer from Berkeley Law -"If you are registered for a future standardized test administration (no later than January 2023), we will automatically place your file on hold until that score is received. If you want us to complete your file before receiving this score, you must email us at to make this request," and I was wondering if other law schools had a similar policy? For most of the law schools I'm applying to, I would much rather have the admissions council evaluate my apps earlier in the cycle, instead of placing my file on hold until Feb 1 when they receive my Jan score, since (1) I might end up using score preview and canceling my score anyway and (2) I'm worried most slots will already be filled up by Feb 1, so I would much prefer applying with my existing score rather than wait until that late in the cycle and risk getting waitlisted, etc.

TLDR: I just wanted to check in and confirm whether CAS would report the fact that I've registered for the Jan LSAT and, if so, whether I should reach out individually to law schools and request that they evaluate my apps before receiving my Jan LSAT score? Thank you so much!


  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Free Trial Member Admissions Consultant
    2025 karma

    Former admissions officer here. Admissions will see if you have registered for a future LSAT. How an admissions office treats an application with a future test registration (hold or continue to review) is based on the individual school's policy. There is no uniform approach towards future test registration! To be safe, you should email admissions directly and confirm what you want them to do and what they WILL do with your application. Good luck!.

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