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anyone who is good at LR willing to give me some tips? I'm kinda sucking to be honest

The_RiseThe_Rise Alum Member
edited August 2013 in General 283 karma
Anyone willing to help, through PM's or something?


  • kwoods15kwoods15 Free Trial Member
    28 karma
    J.Y's blind review method and memory method for RC has helped me tremendously with the LR sections. I went from getting 8 correct to consistently getting 15 correct which is a victory for me. lol. Hope this helps. P.S as you do more and more questions for LR you will start to see the interrelatedness of all the questions.
  • KK Free Trial Member
    345 karma
    Here's how I've been practicing LR for the past week:

    Take a section of LR, do it in 35 minutes, BR the questions I could not confidently answer, check answers.

    I would see which question types I had trouble with and drill those question types. I bought LR questions by type bundle from cambridge lsat. I was having a hard time with necessary assumption questions so I reviewed JY's lesson on NA questions, did the practice questions, and then spent 2 hours doing as many necessary assumption questions as I could from the bundle.
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