PT83.S3.Q08 - Over the last thousand years, plant species native to

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Hi why is C wrong? Wouldnt commercial development lead to more humans which lead to more mammals which eat the plants? I had a hard time distinguishing between C and D.


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    (D) is correct b/c it shows a clear positive correlation between the establishment of mammals (which we are told follow colonization) and an increase in the rate of island plant extinction, exactly as the biologists theory would predict!

    (C) actually weakens the explanation. According to (C) it is commercial development that is ruining plant habitats rather than the plants being eaten by large mammals. Furthermore, (C) does not account for why island species are going extinct faster, as there is presumably at least as much commercial development t happening in mainland areas

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    I think I maybe illicitly assumed that commercial development equals more people which equals more animals that would eat the plants. Is this too strong of an assumption to make?

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