Staying motivated ( amidst distractions) :(

FryBreadfruitFryBreadfruit Legacy Member
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Breathe in breathe out!!!! Are my new fav words when I am trying to read and people keep talking to me though they see me reading ugh


  • Kyle JanzenKyle Janzen Member
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    If I'm studying in public (library) I put my headphones in and pretend not to hear people... Try it!
  • Luis89011Luis89011 Alum Member
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    yeah that was a major thing for me at starbux in tx, small towns everyone wants to chat, even if strangers. i stopped going
  • KK Member
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    it sucks having to say "i can't" to your friends when you're asked if you want to hang out or go see the latest movie...

    i just tell myself that if i can get through these crucial days rest of my life will be golden lol.

    180 or bust.

  • FryBreadfruitFryBreadfruit Legacy Member
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    Exactly!!!...when I say I can't to friends it's like they give me the " I'm the bad guy face" .... Like for reallllll are they serious lol
  • KK Member
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    I still find time to play a video game before I sleep so around like 9:45pm I'll play a couple rounds of Battlefield 3 for about 30-40min and go to bed.

    I just can't afford to spend like 4 hours out with friends lol... especially because 4 hours ends up turning into "holy crap its 10am on Saturday!"
  • reynolds.443reynolds.443 Member
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    I feel ya'll. I commute to work an hour back and forth. By the time I spend 2-3 hours studying a night there is no way to make time for people. Then on the weekends I try to get in some study time but all my friends get pissed I wont make time for them. FRUSTRATING.
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