how to handle group 3 indicators + existential quantifiers i.e. PT 33.3.8 most people invest without

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most people invest without doing any research of their own

Intuitively I would want to lawgic it out like people who invest -m--> /do research, but then I was like wait no the sufficient condition should be negated since it's group 3.

How do you know when to ignore certain indicators? Do you just treat the two ideas like they are separate when there is a "most" statement? "most" will always refer to the sufficient condition and the other idea has to be the necessary? Since without refers to the 2nd idea you just negate that one.

I didn't even bother lawgicing it out because the AC was really obvious and it was an easy Q but I don't want to deal w this confusion on a harder q where I actually have to lawgic it out.


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    "Most people invest in the stock market without doing any research of their own."

    Wow, really interesting question.

    Rephrasing the statement it seems the meaning could be upheld by saying - most people invest in the stock market doing no research. This reframing seems to uphold your interpretation of the negated necessary.

    Or looking at the statement from the perspective of "any" it could be - anybody doing research to invest in the stock market is not most people. If you move the without to a negation of most (pretty sure that's an ok thing to do?).

    The confusion seems to be with the interaction of "without" and "any" seeming to create the meaning of "no."

    This is just my shot in the dark here though, hopefully a lawgic master comments on this.

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    I think it might have to do with the fact that any is acting as an adverb rather than a pronoun, but I'm just looking at the differences in the google definition and example sentences.

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