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Planning on taking the September 2018, unless I just feel so confident that I decide to take June/July, so I will FINALLY be able to study full time during the summer and would love a study/accountability buddy especially if you will be PT-ing during the summer. I would also love to know if anyone has a specific study schedule that they follow for studying full time, I have never had the opportunity to do anything but work full time and study once I got home so I am really trying to make that before I make the transition from working 8 hours a day to studying most of the day because I know myself, and I know that without structure my time tends to fly by. If you have a day/study schedule with extensive detail that would be amazing and any other suggestions, tips what to-dos , and what NOT to-do list please share!


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    I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to be an uphill battle. You probably have a better shot of winning the lottery than taking the September 2017 LSAT.

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    I plan on taking the September 2018 LSAT as well. I don't really have any structure at the moment and I will be working part time and doing summer classes as well to try and graduate in may of 2019. I'm not the most structured person but I can be an accountability partner.

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    I studied about 5 hours per day on average, but some days I studied only 30 minutes or so (these were break days). I took breaks every couple of hours. "Studying" for me meant moving through the Core Curriculum and reviewing it as well. I didn't use PTing and BRing to study until I completed the curriculum, as it was very helpful to me to know how to approach each question and increase in speed.

    You can do it! Just take the test seriously (it's a beast of a challenge, but certainly conquerable with diligence) and put in the work each day. I have already taken the LSAT but I decided to chime in anyway...Please be encouraged :) https://7sage.com/discussion/#/discussion/14063/first-lowest-pt-150-highest-pt-171-encouragement

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