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Hello, I need some good advice for LSAT

lawhopeful_13lawhopeful_13 Alum Member
in General 41 karma

Hello, I am a Science undergrad.
I have been inspired and changed my career path in law after I graduated from BSc.
I started looking at LSAT starting Oct 2017, was working full-time, spent 3-4 hrs every weekday and did PT every other Saturday but not entire set-up to mimic the actual one. I wrote the December LSAT and got 148. I was very tight on time and ended up guessing 4-5 Qs each sections.

I quit my job and devoted a month of January to write February LSAT - was spending 7-10hrs on weekday and did few PT to see my progress. I got my mark back and I got 156 this time around.

I am aiming for 165+, hopefully 168.

I have been studying by myself for those 2 previous LSATs.
I am seeking advice if 168 is a possibility and if 7sage would help with my journey.

Thanks in advance.
Any honest opinions are welcome too.


  • BroccoliBroccoli Core Member
    352 karma

    Why is that not possible.. you're already in 156. I think it's pretty achievable.

    What are you struggling on right now? LG? LR? RC?

  • lawhopeful_13lawhopeful_13 Alum Member
    41 karma

    @Broccoli180 I am struggling mostly with RC and few question types for LR

  • 1000001910000019 Alum Member
    3279 karma

    If you're willing to work hard and you're not in a rush, then yes it is possible!

  • JumpmanJJumpmanJ Member
    24 karma

    As somebody who was in your position not too long ago, there are some things that helped me a lot!

    You should really stop timing yourself, learn the fundamentals of LR and LG and slowly start timing yourself. I wrote a 150 my first time (December 2016), and got my score back yesterday for February 2018's test and managed to pull off a 164. Give yourself an hour for each section once you feel you understand the fundamentals of each question type and have practiced a lot, undoubtedly you will miss certain questions and that's where 7Sage comes in. Eventually you'll be able to bring your time down to 35 minutes per section, everybody is different and how long it takes you to achieve that will depend entirely on your learning style and the amount of practice.

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