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LSAC Study abroad transcript question

Return On InferenceReturn On Inference Alum Member
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Hey all,

I'm having some real trouble interpreting LSAC's policies regarding international transcripts. I figured I would post the question here to see if anyone else has had a similar situation.

I will try to explain my situation, and then explain how I am interpreting LSAC's policies as detailed on this page ( of the LSAC website.

My situation:

During my undergraduate career, I studied abroad in the People's Republic of China for 2 academic semesters. For one semester, I was an exchange student, meaning that my American university was sponsoring my study abroad. The other semester was not sponsored by my university. The two semesters were not completed at the same institution. I completed 21 credit hours of work during these two semesters, less than 1 year (24 credits) at my home university.

The transcripts from both semesters have been submitted and processed by my undergraduate institution, and appear on my transcript as transfer credits.

My interpretation:


1.My undergraduate institution is located in the United States, and
2. My study abroad was equivalent or less than 1 years worth of undergraduate study, and
3. (at least some) of my work was completed through an overseas study program clearly sponsored by U.S. school

Therefore, I am NOT required to submit each individual transcript from these institutions.

Is this a correct interpretation? I am confused in part because of the bullet points under the "People's Republic of China" heading on the website. Does this heading imply that all transcripts from institutions in the People's Republic of China must be submitted regardless of length or whether or not they were sponsored?

If anyone has any insight for this, please let me know. If I have to get individual transcripts, it's going to be a several month process...


  • calcal101calcal101 Alum Member
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    If I were you, I'd ask this to LSAC (and get it in writing--not just over the phone)

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