PT50.S4.Q12 - Researcher: A number of studies have suggested

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Can anyone giveme a hand with this question?
Studies suggest that no matter what type of short term therapy one receives one will have a similar amount of improvement
Therefore, it must be that all these therapies share a common factor that is responsible for this improvement

To me the argument sucks but i cant pinpoint the exact problem.

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    The problem with this reasoning is super subtle. The first sentence tells us that no matter the type of therapy, the clients show similar levels of improvement. It might help to ask how many different areas of improvement were measured? We don't know. Granting the most charitable reading we can muster, we can answer that question by saying: the studies referenced examined every single area of improvement in existence. Hold that "most charitable" reading of that premise in mind for a second.

    Take a look at the conclusion. On the basis of the premise, the argument concludes: therefore any (which means all, which means every in existence) improvement must be the result of...

    We don't know if the studies referenced examined all improvements. (A) suggests that the studies were limited to certain improvements and others were ignored or excluded. So on the basis of the (limited) studies referenced, how can we support our conclusion?

    -I hope this helps

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    Thanks dave. Wow that is super subtle i c it now tho

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