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UCI Law predictions??

With UCI's rise to 21st, and claiming that uci sent 24 percent of its graduates to v100 law firms, do you guys think UCI will rise in prestige or is it topped out? Seeing that the school only recently formed in 2009 makes me surprised that the school has done so well. I do realize that the first few years had high lsat scorws and gpas and were given substantial scholarships. With increasing class sizes and the departure of Cheriminsky, is UCI's rise sustainable or will it crash like crypto. Or maybe the best is yet to come?


  • FixedDiceFixedDice Legacy Member
    edited March 2018 1804 karma

    Hard to say. Prof. Chemerinsky was very ambitious (remember his publicized goal regarding the institution's official first-year rank?) and had good reasons for dedicating himself to the school's ascent (one of which would be its failure to live up to his announcement).

    To me, the million-dollar question is: How interested are the new dean, the institution, and the alumni in improving the school's standing? Dean Richardson no doubt is quite capable, but being a T25 is no fluke. From now on, UCI will have to put in an unprecedented amount of effort if it wants to maintain - let alone advance - its current position.

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