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To go or not to go? That's a rough question.

WhatAmIEvenWhatAmIEven Alum Member
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Just got my first acceptance last week and it was not my first choice but seeing how this cycle is going it might be my only choice.... so now I am stuck between the choice of going or wait till next cycle and would really like to get your opinion on the matter (it's a big decision!)

Option 1: Go (oh it's BYU btw)
- CHEAPPPPP AF (they offered me a 1/4 merit scholarship so it's basically $5000/semester)
- I know a lot of people in the area and could get a lot of great jobs and internships (I already have one offer for this summer if I am going to Utah)

- Not T15
- Honour code (but that's another issue)

Option 2: Don't go and move to California
- I can try for California schools again next cycle
- Going to LA is great for my husband's career (he is in music composition for visual media eg. movies/video games)
- T15/20

- Debt debt debt
- Expensive housing (more debt)
- Don't know how long we would have to wait

I currently have a 161 and 3.74, applied to BYU (duh), UCLA, USC, Berk, UT, but I doubt I'll get into any of the other schools this cycle. Let me know what you think? I keep getting the "Top15 or don't go" vibe, is that true?

edit: Might I add that BYU is flying me out from Dublin to Utah next weekend to admitted students day so I could check out the school. They spent like $1k on the ticket and I feel like a superstar.


  • goingfor99thgoingfor99th Free Trial Member
    edited March 2018 3072 karma

    You should wait a cycle and retake since you seem to want T14.

    Law school should be at least a little bit about 'T14 or bust.' Unless you're wealthy, or your family is wealthy, or you really badly want to be a lawyer and don't care if you make a lot of money, you shouldn't go to just any law school that accepts you.

  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
    8694 karma

    I've been jumping into these conversations lately because I want to get more info on the application process. I'm on board with @goingfor99th comment. You have a 3.74, a 166-167-168 with that GPA puts you in a totally different position from what I understand. I'm saying retake the LSAT. For a better chance at some schools you seem interested in.


  • LastLSATLastLSAT Alum Member
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  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
    1532 karma

    A 161 is a great score but with some more time I'm sure you could crack 170. If you are able to do so, you'll have so many more options available to you. You should do what feels right for you, but I would definitely wait and boost your LSAT score and reapply next cycle. I'm sure it's disappointing to have to wait but going to a T14 will open so many more doors. I'm sure career options are much better in California than Utah as well. It doesn't sound like you want to go to Utah. I'm not familiar with BYU but it sounds like you would be confined to working in Utah if you go there. It would be nice to save money but it seems like the opportunity costs would not be worth it in the end to go to BYU.

  • westcoastbestcoastwestcoastbestcoast Alum Member
    3788 karma

    I got into uci with the same lsat and slightly lower gpa. But I was within my PT average and already studied for 2 years with a 20 plus point improvement. Presuming you arent in a similar situation, you should retake

  • WhatAmIEvenWhatAmIEven Alum Member
    edited March 2018 102 karma

    @westcoastbestcoast I've been studying since last July. Started with a 154, currently scoring around 158-164. 20 points increase sounds like a dream, how did you do it?
    Also, what do think about uci?

  • _oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
    3652 karma

    retake retake retake. if you got a 161 officially and have even gotten as high as a 164 on prep, then there's no reason you cant bust out a few more points and get to the high 160s or even 170s range. you can get into that california school with a high scholarship if you get a few more points. your gpa is good and your score is good, could be great, dont waste the potential.

  • olepuebloolepueblo Alum Member
    235 karma

    Think it’s a balance of long and short term happiness for your fam. Waiting a cycle might result in short term loss, but what is the long term gain? Seems like it could be large for both you and your husband. Time flies...

  • AllezAllez21AllezAllez21 Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    1917 karma

    Retake. It doesn't have to be T14 or bust. A higher score will open up scholarships to great regional schools.

  • 224 karma

    As a Utah resident, mormon and BYU alum... I have to ask. Are you mormon? Because that is a HUGE factor you need to consider if potentially going there. I am mormon and a returned missionary and I ran away from Provo as fast as humanly possible when I graduated because the culture there is so toxic and so hypocirsy ridden. If you would like some more info about BYU, Provo or Utah, feel free to DM me!!

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