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PT difficulty?

KK Free Trial Member
edited August 2013 in General 345 karma
Which PTs are considered difficult and which ones are (relatively) easy?

I took PT 46 yesterday after upgrading my course from the basic package to premium and I got -4 LR, -0 LG, and -1 RC. On PT 50 I got annihilated on LR (improved to -7 LR, -2LG, -1 RC from -14 LR..). PT 51 was "in between" 50 and 46 because I did better in LR than I did on PT 50 but not as well as I did on PT 46 (-6 LR).


  • James DeanJames Dean Free Trial Member
    297 karma
    I think it's subjective. Certain tests contain more or less of a given type of passage, LG, or LR passage.

    If you get a test that has more LR or LG types that you aren't as strong on, then you may suffer as a result.

    That's my opinion. I was under the impression that the difficulty is fairly consistent. E.g. Tests that I've struggled on, others have said were hard, visa versa

    One early hypothesis of mine was that they balance the sections out for an overall difficulty. E.G. on tests with easy games, you'll see a more difficult RC section. In the example above, if you're strong on RC, you may think it's an easy test, but if you're only decent on RC, you may find the test more challenging.

    Just my thoughts. lol
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