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Health during Law School

westcoastbestcoastwestcoastbestcoast Alum Member
in Off-topic 3788 karma

Do you guys have any recommendations on standing desks i could get in law school. Extended times of sitting increases likelihood of developing cardiovascular issues. Do you have any tips on how to focus while reading and standing up?


  • speedwagonspeedwagon Alum Member
    393 karma

    Google has tons of ideas, including cheap ways to DIY. (Student budget life!)

    One of my key plans is bike commuting at least one way in all but the worst weather/when I need to be particularly pulled together. a) lots of exercise; b) so much more pleasant than the subway (and possibly faster); c) at least one hour a day when I cannot think about much more than what's directly in front of me (while also providing time to percolate on things and let them settle). I know myself and know I'll never go to the gym, especially when stressed, but I'll still have to, you know, go to school. Next stop: figuring out how to eat well when I am too stressed to think about eating at all.

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