Advice needed - stuck in a rut

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Hi all,

I finished the CC a little while ago and I score a 172 (178 BR) on my first PT after finishing the CC. That was very encouraging because my goal is 175. However, I haven't been able to replicate those results since. I've scored a 161 (174 BR), 163 (167 BR), and 166 (172 BR).

I know that I haven't taken many PTs yet, but I'd like to take the June test, and these latest results are making me a tad nervous.

Is this just a matter of continuing to take PT's and BR'ing carefully?

Can someone who's dealt with a similar situation let me know how they dealt with it?

Thanks so much to anyone who can give me some advice.


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    My recommendation would be for you to make sure you are accurately documenting (if you aren't already) your errors on the PTs. These errors might indicate a pattern, and you might be able to address these patterns by tailoring your review to meet these weaknesses. For instance, a pattern might emerge that indicates a weakness in conditional logic or strengthen questions where the AC is something that seems out of left field.

    Run this process after each PT and attempt to really get down to the core of what your issues are. Also, as others begin to reply to your post, it might be helpful to them to include your breakdown per section in your original post, for instance: -3 in LG, -4 in RC ect.


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    Hi! My suggestion would be leveraging the "Trends" feature of the LSAT Analytics section (since you have a paid account). What this will do, if you are plugging in your PT answers for each test, is chart high priority questions for you -- this is a formula that balances the sheer amount of a potential question type and the percentage you get wrong vs. average. This helped me know where to narrow in on / what lessons to repeat instead of just hammering through all of them again, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions! Keep pushing!

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    PTing and blind reviewing will do you some good on its own, but what it is great at is identifying what you need to focus on.

    People who blind review get a bigger pool of questions to look at than if they just did the PTs and scored them. This pool of questions is all the ones that they were uncertain of or got wrong. This makes it easier to spot trends in the types of questions you need to practice.

    But after each PT and blind review you should be drilling on all the weaknesses that the last one revealed by using problem sets and revisting the core curriculum.

    How to best improve also depends on your typical section break down. If you are missing many at all on logic games you should get some foolproofing done before you take the test. If you are struggling to finish a section a skipping strategy or focussing more on reading RC passages for their structure could help.

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