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Hi guys,

I haven't written in a while and some of you have seen my posts as I was prepping for the LSAT. I'd like to let you all know that I actually got into law school! I just graduated from undergrad with my BA in Biology and Spanish a week ago and I will be attending U New Hampshire in the Fall! I couldn't have asked for a better school for Intellectual property.

I'm writing this mainly to say thank you all so much for all the help and support so many of you gave me. To those studying, the struggle is so worth it. I actually cried at my own graduation because of the sheer relief and joy I felt. I'm sure many of us on the other side have similar experiences too. :)

Peace out! Study hard and prosper.


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    Great work on achieving your goals and happy to hear you've committed to a school and you're happy about its programs.

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    Congratulations! Good luck with law school and both the real bar and the patent bar!

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    @"Shireen Bhatia-1" Hey! I remember you from a while ago. So happy to hear you got into law school!

    Congrats and thanks for sharing some motivation with us :)

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